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Our Process

Our Process

This illustration provides an overview of the process POAH has established for its Designing Trauma Resilient Communities project. Mouse over the icons to learn more about each step in the process.​

Process Diagram

POAH's process involves four pilot sites, each of which will go through a series of steps as follows:
Pilot Process diagram

The first phase of POAH’s process is planning and kickoff. This includes:

  • Internal stakeholder education
  • Initial discovery with partners
  • Core team trauma sensitive training
  • Core team kick-off & community building event
  • Core team design sessions

The final stage of the project will involve reflecting on the process to determine what would be most helpful to include (or forego) in future iterations.

POAH is undertaking a more rigorous evaluation of the project, including analyzing data, examining the process and sharing results with stakeholders.

Although this marks the final phase of the Designing Trauma Resilient Communities project, the results from the phase will carry over beyond 2022 in sustaining the progress made in the four pilot sites as well as expanding the process to additional sites and other housing providers who are interested in adopting it.

POAH’s process centers on working in partnership with residents to explore the problem, developing ideas to solve the problem, and testing the ideas in practice. 

POAH will also be connecting to peers and partners throughout the project as well as looking for opportunities and barriers that policymakers could address. 

POAH's process began in late 2020 and will continue until the end of 2022.

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